Professional Meat Injector

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Stainless Steel Meat Tenderizer

Let's get those sauces inside!

  • ➜ Superior Tenderizing Power
  • ➜ Pragmatic Kitchen Utensil
  • ➜ Tenderizer plus Injector 2 in 1
  • ➜ Easy to Clean and Maintain

Color: White

What Professional Cheffs Say About It!

John S.

Highly Recommended!

I have been using this product for a long time now. We had a whole machine for this in our kitchen before we found this product. It has really helped us in saving alot of time.

Mary U.

Amazing Product!

This product is just amazing. We have had amazing reviews on our meat since we start using this. It really ups the game. I can't believe people still don't know about this yet.

Jason Y.

Helped Me Alot!

My life with meat has been much more easy since I found this one. I have two of these at home too. Juicy and tendered meat is now fun to make.

No More Dry Meat!

The sturdy construction and sharp blades of our tenderizer effortlessly break down muscle fibers, making meat more tender and flavorful.

90 ML Capacity.

Our meat injector and tenderizer comes with a 9ML Capacity that helps you save time while cooking. Serve that juicy meat anywhere in no time.

Used By Professional Cheffs!

This meat injector is a pragmatic Kitchen utensil that is used by professional cheffs around the World. One of the main reasons why there is a huge difference in steak taste while cooking at home.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!